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Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc bas worked with The Good Samaritan Society on our existing apartment buildings, our Healthcare Center and our renovation projcctS over the past ten years. The professional company always started with a wiring inspection to make sure that any existing wiring was up to the latest building codes and proceeded forward with their findings and an honest quote for services. They have performed the following variety of services but not limited to initial lighting and receptacle installation, repairs and re-wiring of existing electrical needs, interior and exterior lighting installation and more. Accurate Electrical Conn_ection, Inc provided The Good Samaritan Society with courteous and honest employees. The company is always knowledgeable and experienced when creating solutions to any problems or situations that may face them. It has and always will be an absolute pleasure 10 work with Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc b th now and in the years to come.

Robert Thompson, Good Samaritan Society

Dear Stan: I would like to toke this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service we receive in maintaining our centers. It is very refreshing in this day and oge to be able to commltlicate with you and your staff by just p icking up the phone and getting that personal service As you know the safety and satisfaction of our tenants and shoppers alike is very important to us ond we olwoys 1T10ke sure that our centers ore kept in the best condition possible to ensure a safe and pleasant environment and this is done in partnership with reliable vendor s such os yourself. Therefore, please accept our thonks for the friendly and professional ser,ice Accurate Electrical Connection always provides. Also, please feel free to use TCII Property Management as o professional reference for any future projects you may wish to ocquire.

Spencer Enslein, Trade Consulting International Inc.

Praise God! Our preschool,bullding is up and running with many teachers 􀀏nd children very excited to be in their own space. On behalf of Hope Lutheran Church I would like to take this·opportunity to thank you for going above and beyond what was expected to get this building completed. The extra work you did was not unnoticed and we are grateful that­you felt this project. was worlh the extra effort.

Robyn Frank, HOPE Letheran Church and Pre school

To Whom It May Concern: While working as District Operdtions Manager for the Orlando East Central Florida District of Tires Plus, I am respons ble for all the maintenance issues at my 33 locations. Before when there was a problem at one of our ilocations I would call a local contractor to perform the service requested. It did not take long to figure out the lowest price was not always the best value. During an emergency situation I was referred to Accurate Electrical Connection. I called them and explained the situation to the Service Manager. He told me he would be there ,vithin the hour. It only seemed like minutes and the owner was at our site. He assessed the situation, called the building department and explained the emergency to the Electrical Inspector, called the Utility Company to arrange an electrical disconnect, and had four electricians on site within the hour. What two other contractors had told me couldn't be done, Accurate E􀅧ctrical Connection finished before noon. I have used them since as my first call without fall. They are prompt, courteous, and fair. I would not dream of using anyone else. In the five years we have u·sed Accurate Electrical Connection our main1enance cost for electrical has decreased. They only make repairs when needed, and always perform a complete inspection of rr,y sites so I can be aware of any future maintenance requirements.. They have a lot of diagnost c equipm nt o they· ni;>t guessing at what i wrong. They know what is wrong. This saves me money i and keeps e smy st9.res lh great working order s with minimal down time.

Brian Ciraulo, Tires Plus

Andy, Allow me a moment to comment on Accurate Electric's performance through out the construction of our new I HOP Restaurant. I'll begin at the end. You dispatched Central Florida Infrastructure to help us through a required PIV monitoring that I failed to coordinate. This was an emergency considering building occupancy was eminent. These three individual's were steadfast, incredibly hard working and focused on our need. They provided the conduit between the PIV and alarm panel as promised in one day. The conductor was pulled, terminated and inspected by the FD flawlessly. The beginning was a pleasant introduction to you and your site Superintendent, Joe. As the first rough was underway, building wall width, main gear location and coordination, POS slab penetratio'ns etc. were presented to me for comment and research with the Engineers. All suggestions were given a green light and these changes are now revisions for further I HOP ground up's. The second rough coordination and installation by Accurate, while fielding Owner input and changes was seamless. The trim/ completion phases clearly indicate the diligence demonstrated through out the entire duration of our project. The end result of the fixture locations etc. is excellent. Accurate Electric's relationship's with the County, Duke Energy and Vendors clearly helped expedite everything associated with this project. Please pass on my thanks to Joe, Moe, Chris, Ron and others I may not have included. Hell of a job, Thank you Andy

Brad Morgan, Scherer Construction of West Florida

Dear Valencia College Procurement, I would like to send a letter of reference for Accurate Electrical Connection for their exemplary work. Many instances of their excellence come to mind, but there are specific examples I would like to mention in the following letter. Their incredible customer service, fast response time, and overall great work ethic is what separates them from other contracting companies and what has moved me to write this letter of reference. The first example I would like to present is their work and partnership in June 2015 when power to the college was disrupted. They worked with our maintenance department hand in hand the entire day, making sure that Valencia would be up and running for the students by the next day. Their follow-up to this instance was also exemplary, making sure that my staff was well informed of any continuing issue and its resolution and giving guidance to the staff as well, since we do not have an electrician on staff. The second example I would like to present is their work and partnership over the summer of 2015 on the college-wide cafeteria renovation. Their input, advice, and incredibly hard work was critical to having the cafeterias and new Dunkin Donuts' running prior to the start of the school year. I would like to specifically give gratitude to Andy and Stan for running this project, having the parts in on time and in the right place before the school year. Without their help, this project would not have been possible. Accurate Electrical Connection is an outstanding company with great customer service and loyalty to Valencia College over the last several years. I whole heartedly believe that they are a true partner instead of just another contracting company. The individualized service and routine check-ins with the Superintendents is what really separates this company from others I have worked with. I recommend with the highest compliments Accurate Electrical Connection be Valencia's electrical contractor.

Adam Talbot, Stetson university

I am writing this letter to provide a business reference for Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc., I have worked directly with Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc., on all the Electrical services they provide at Kissimmee Utility Authority for 2+ years and have known them to be very dependable, knowledgeable and strive to meet all job goals. I am quite certain that Accurate Electrical Connection, Inc., will be a reliable asset to you/your company. If you have any other questions feel free to email or call me (407) 383-0221 at any time, I hope the reference I have provided will be of help to you.

Ray Eady, Kissimmee Utility Authority

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